Kitchen Confidence Resource Library

The Registered Dietitian’s trusted tool to help their clients succeed in the kitchen.

Lacking Cooking


Your clients have all intentions to cook at home when they leave your office...but time, exhaustion, and lack of knowledge all get in the way; stopping them from cooking a simple meal & achieving their goals.

Through the Kitchen Confidence Resource Library…they’ll have step by step guidance & support from a Chef / RD so that they are able to cook a delicious & nutritious meals with what they have on hand!

How it Works...

1. RD Becomes a Member

2. RD Gives Client Login Info

3. RD has more time w. Clients & Clients gain Kitchen Confidence

More time…to focus on what really matters with your clients!

Your session time is really valuable…you shouldn’t have to spend an hour walking your clients through roasting veggies, searching for recipes, or creating personalized Pinterest boards for cooking inspo.

Leave the cooking lessons to me! The method & skill focused cooking tutorials are there to support your client in the kitchen, between your sessions!

More Time

As RDs we want to help people!

...but we can't be everywhere, all the time, doing all the things ourselves! 

“She takes the confusion out of healthy eating!”


A game changer for my clients


Quality Resource

The Kitchen Confidence Resource Library was created by a Chef / Registered Dietitian who understands that cooking can be overwhelming & leave your clients feeling paralyzed in the kitchen.

The lessons are quick (5min) & to the point (without the distractions).

The focus is on the cooking method & skills behind the recipe…so that your clients are learning life-long skills rather than one off recipes, or meal plans.

This resource will set them up for success, for the long-term!

Chef Celestina RDN, LD

Hey! I’m Celestina…a fellow RD, chef, and foodie!

Just like you, I love helping people see success with their nutrition goals…

…often their success is stunted because they don’t know how to cook…

…or how to make healthy meals taste good.

I’m here to help you create a larger impact with your clients!

They feel supported along their nutrition journey with you & I guide them through learning kitchen skills that will make them confident cooks, ready to cook delicious meals!

Are you ready for this? Let’s do it!

(Feel like you don’t know me well enough yet? I get it…here’s more about me…)