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Personal Chef

At Wellness Cucina, I provide in-home personal chef services for you, your family, and your needs!  I work with your schedule, budget and possible wellness goals.  

I work with you on a weekly, or bimonthly basis to provide delicious and nutritious meals for busy families or folks who have received a nutrition prescription, but are feeling overwhelmed implementing the new protocol.  

Personal chef services include individualized menu creation, grocery shopping, meal preparation, serving or packaging, and clean up!  A typical cooking session is about 3-4 hours and I will work with you to determine what you would like created during that time. We do not have set menus. We create menus exclusively for your needs and tastes.


Wellness Cucina creates memorable meals for special occasions!

Intimate anniversary dinners, couples cooking classes, wellness-specific cooking classes, welcome home dinners for realtors, and bereavement ceremonies are just a few ways Wellness Cucina can make your occasion memorable.


Is your schedule keeping you from home cooked meals?

A personal chef may be a good choice for you if you want to skip the drive-thru but don’t want to skip soccer practice or music lessons!


Recently diagnosed with an ailment requiring a nutrition modification?

If you’re unsure how to implement those change a personal chef (and registered dietitian) may be a good choice for you!

 Remember, Wellness Cucina works with you to ensure that your nutrition goals and budget are met!

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