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Kitchen Confidence | Sustainable Lifestyle

As a Food Interpreter, I translate your nutrition prescription into delicious meals. By blending the worlds of culinary arts and nutrition I help you to bridge the gap between good nutrition and good food. Together, we focus on creating a lifestyle that will last forever, not a diet with an expiration date! 

Blending the worlds means showing you the tricks of the trade while teaching you how to use cooking methods, herbs & spices, and culinary knowledge to create meals that aren’t repetitive, but are delicious and meet your wellness needs. 

When working with you, we focus on renewing confidence to be able to create flavorful and healthful meals at home. I believe in focusing on the foods you can eat, versus those you can’t, and modifying foods you love to meet your needs! There is always a way to rework a recipe to your wellness plan. Moderation is the true key to a sustainable lifestyle change; meaning that the occasional gelato or slice of cake CAN fit into your lifestyle!

Sometimes, our health forces us to incorporate significant life changes. These can take time, but I am there every step of the way to guide and support you on your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle of renewed health and wellness.


We create a sustainable lifestyle by bringing meals back into your kitchen.

Create delicious and nutritious meals at home and put your health back in your control! I provide you with the tools and skills you need to succeed for the long-term!


Together, we build mindfulness and positivity while nourishing your body.

You will learn to become more in-tune with the food you are consuming and your body as a whole. This process allows you to recognize changes by how clothing fits, improved energy levels, and ability to perform day-to-day activities with ease.


No two people are the same; no two nutrition plans are identical!

All plans are based on lifestyle, genetics, food preferences, and health history. My plans are targeted to improve your life for the long-term; together we create small, meaningful changes, which over time, become ingrained into the daily routine.

What does working with Wellness Cucina look like?

Personal Chef services include Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping, Meal Preparation, Serving and/or Packaging and Clean Up.

Frequency: Weekly, BiWeekly, BiMonthly, Monthly, Special Occasion, Supper Club

Example Options: Meal Prepping, 2 Meals in 1 Session, Multi-Course Meals

We do not have set menus. We create our menus exclusively for our client’s needs and tastes.  Remember, Wellness Cucina works with you to ensure that your nutrition goals and budget are met!

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